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A Forgotten Realms superadventure that ties into R.A. Salvatore's conflict of the Spider Queen novel series.

This is the 1st event produced for the Forgotten Realms environment because the Forgotten nation-states crusade Setting sourcebook used to be published in the summertime of 2001. Designed to take characters from center to excessive degrees of play, this event ties in on to occasions taking place in R.A. Salvatore's struggle of the Spider Queen novel series.

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A number of the “spider-kissers” are natives of Maerimydra; a few are contemplating a go back to that urban to oust the upstart invaders. There are not any fans of Kiaransalee one of the drow of Cormanthor. big whip scorpions glance similar to enormous whip spiders. Their entrance, pincer-tipped legs are higher and improved, and a 3rd lengthy feeler extends from the rear in their abdomens. also they are greater, averaging eight to twelve toes lengthy and approximately 500 lb. titanic whip scorpions are often referred to as large uropygids or sometimes as large vinegaroons, for his or her acidic spray. Eryndlyn strive against Like different monstrous arachnids, colossal whip scorpions assault with their pincers, squeezing and biting competitors they could seize. They use their poison spray to flee possibility. superior seize (Ex): the large whip scorpion has a grapple bonus of +9. Poison Spray (Ex): thrice an afternoon, an incredible whip scorpion can the established order of this drow urban underneath the excessive Moor will depend on an uneasy truce between 3 spiritual factions: the fans of Ghaunadaur, Vhaeraun, and Lolth. whilst one aspect confirmed its weak spot, the opposite have been quickly to use that weak spot, and the Lolth faction is all yet exterminated. Her priestesses lie slain, their fans both killed or enslaved. The western plateau of the nine Underdark Campaigns Kiaransalee. more and more, fallen priestesses of Lolth are emerging as revenants and escalating the clash. The men who run the town in all yet identify nonetheless frown at the worship of the Revenancer, yet don't take something close to the stairs that might were taken earlier than Lolth’s silence to seek them down and exterminate them. urban, as soon as managed by way of the Lolth faction, lies in ruins nonetheless contested by way of the opposite factions. very similar to Maerimydra, it's a warfare sector, and conflict erupts at any time when gangs or better-organized strike groups from the rest factions may still take place to fulfill. The strife extends into the outer edges of the 2 different domain names in addition. With either Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun taking an energetic curiosity in occasions in Eryndlyn, Kiaransalee’s cult has been not able to discover a foothold during this urban. Her cult hasn't ever numbered greater than a tiny handful of outlaw drow in Eryndlyn, regardless of what's really an strange quantity of non secular freedom within the urban: With 3 robust factions vying for regulate, few drow are prepared to again a fourth celebration like Kiaransalee’s vulnerable cult. Sshamath situated less than the a ways Hills, Sshamath is a teeming drow city governed now not via the clerics of Lolth, yet through male wizards who spearhead the city’s large exchange in magic goods. characteristically, the clerics of Lolth have held secondary positions of strength in the neighborhood, yet with their abrupt lack of magical energy they discovered themselves solid down from their positions and changed through different wizards and by means of clerics who continue their spellcasting ability—including numerous clerics of Kiaransalee. The Revenancer’s curiosity in magic (particularly necromantic magic) has earned her clerics the distinction of Sshamath’s ruling wizards, they usually now stand along clerics of Vhaeraun and Ghaunadaur as minor urban officers.

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